Woman Wears Gold Jewelry Over Her N95 Mask In An Event, Twitter Reacts On Her Ultimate Jugaad

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes in our lives and the harsh manner in which the second wave has hit the world, especially India, it is obvious that these changes are here to stay for a long time and we should accustom ourselves according to them. The COVID-19 virus is contagious in nature and to save ourselves from getting infected, we need to follow some safety guidelines such as wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, using sanitizers and washing hands at regular intervals.

The number of guests who can attend a wedding has also been restricted to 50 in most of the states but we Indians are known for having big fat weddings in which women leave no stone unturned in showing off their jewelry so it is quite obvious that many women are finding it difficult to follow the safety guidelines during the weddings.

However, there are some women who have found out new ways to adjust with safety guidelines just like this woman who attended some function and followed the guideline of wearing mask but also attached a big nose ring over her N95 mask.

Take a look:

IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra shared it with caption, “#JewelleryJugaad level ‘Super Ultra Pro Max…’”

#JewelleryJugaad level “Super Ultra Pro Max…” 😅😅😅 pic.twitter.com/2JV0NpX2v3

— Dipanshu Kabra (@ipskabra) May 7, 2021

Dressed in pink, the woman can be seen wearing a good amount of jewelry but her style of attaching nose ring with the mask went viral on the social media networks, especially on the micro-blogging site Twitter and people just can’t stop expressing their opinion over her ultimate Jugaad.

Here are some selected reactions:


Kitne pratibhashali log hai humare yaha😉😂 pic.twitter.com/iZT5RWFXBg

— Ankit Mishra (@MiAnkit007) May 7, 2021


यह तो दिखाना बहुत जरूरी है सोने का भाव कितना है आज के दिन

— Arvind jakhar (@Arvind_Jakhar) May 7, 2021


पहले मस्क फिर श्रृंगार
गजब का Smartness दिमाग लगाया है।



😂😹🤣 गजब का टैलेंट है महिलाओं मे

— ABHINAV (@abhinav2304) May 7, 2021


Abhi aunty ji ko mask bhi skin tone se match lena tha kami reh gayi😄

— Himani Beeka (@beeka_himani) May 7, 2021


bichara jb corona ne yah dekha hoga to aise hi khatam ho gya hoga😂😂😂

— Prince Shukla (@AnujShu0050) May 7, 2021


Mask with fashion… 😂😂
Chahe koi bhi mahamari aa jaye fashion me koi kami nhi rhne dengi ye mahilayein…. 🤣🤣
Fashion k aage Corona ki kya aukaat… 😀😃

— Vishesh Jaiswal (@I_Me_Vishesh) May 7, 2021


just show off mentality at peak

— Chandrakanta (@Badrinath2319) May 7, 2021


वह स्त्री है! वह कुछ भी कर सकती है😂😂😂



सुपर से भी ऊपर वाला जुगाड़ लगाया है इन्होने तो 😄

— Kamlesh Meena (@KamLesh_Mina1) May 7, 2021


OMG! 😜😂 heights of display.
There should be a jugaad for lipstick too😁

— NinjaWarrior (@NannuK7) May 8, 2021


आवश्यकता, आविष्कार की जननी है। इसको चरितार्थ करते हुए,,#स्त्री 😁🙏

— Avinash Verma (@avinashverma78) May 8, 2021


इन मोहतरमा के आगे सब का दिमाग फेल है

— Zameer (@Zameer1z) May 7, 2021


सुंदरता से कोई compromise नहीं 😂😂

— Deepak Choudhary (@iChoudharyDpk) May 7, 2021


अब बस लिपस्टिक दिखाने का जुगाड़ रह गया😜😜🤣🤣

— मृदुला भारती/Mridula Bharty (@MridulaBharty) May 7, 2021

Do let us know what you think of this new style of wearing the nose ring.

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