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Have you ever thought that you can finalize a ring after selecting a diamond or a stone for it? Then, sorry to say but your quest doesn’t end here, you need to select a metal for your ring too.

Popular metals for engagement & wedding rings are gold, platinum, & silver. Diamonds look great with both white & yellow metals. But what to choose from white gold & platinum?

It might be difficult to choose between white gold and platinum. You’ve probably heard that platinum is the “best” metal, but is that enough to warrant the higher cost? White Gold finish rings are better or a platinum ring? Let’s clear out your confusion.

White gold rings are made out of gold, alloys, and rhodium plating, which gives them a platinum-like white color. The gold content and purity of 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold are the same (58.5 percent gold), however, white gold alloys (and the rhodium plating) make it look white, whilst yellow gold alloys do not.

Both the metals white gold and platinum have a gray undertone in common, yet white gold has warmer tones, while platinum is brighter. They are also different in terms of durability & cost. White gold is a little whiter, a little stronger, and a lot more costly than platinum. Continue reading to see which option is best for your interests and budget.

Platinum & White Gold

Platinum is a white metal that occurs naturally. It’s more valuable than gold, yet it’s heavier and tougher. Platinum may be utilized in a purer form than gold due to its hardness. Approximately 95% of the time. As a result, platinum jewelry is more costly than gold jewelry.

The major benefit of white gold over platinum is that it is far less expensive. The drawback is that you may need to have your white gold piece rhodium-plated from time to time. This is inconvenient, and the expense may quickly mount up.

Platinum jewelry is more expensive in comparison to white gold if you’re on a tight budget then white gold jewelry can be the fittest. As white gold is cost-effective and you do not need to recoat it in the long run, platinum is claimed to be superior to white gold.

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White Gold

Not everyone is aware of it, but white gold is not a natural metal. It is made from yellow gold mixed with palladium or silver. It is then given a finish layer with the help of rhodium. It helps to give the white gold a shiny layer.

Pure gold can’t be used to make jewelry, as it will run out of shape quickly due to its softness. So, other metals are mixed with it to make gold durable. It is a major reason why rose gold & white gold metals were discovered.



Platinum is a rare metal, in fact, rarer than gold. But unlike white gold, platinum is a natural metal. Platinum jewelry in comparison to white gold is expensive. Platinum is scratch-resistant. In some ways, this is right, but not entirely. While platinum does not scratch, it can develop lumps and ridges on its surface. If you wear your ring daily, then it comes in contact with a hard surface frequently, so ridging is natural.


White gold is more affordable than platinum. You need to recoat your white gold jewelry in rhodium every now and then to maintain its brightness. This is inconvenient, and the expense may quickly mount up.

On the other hand, platinum jewelry is costly, but it is durable. If you’re on a tight budget, then you might instantly switch off to white gold.

Both the metals look brilliant with some colored gemstones, birthstones, or diamonds. Either it is white gold or platinum, it is up to your budget and your likings.

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