Where to Sell Gold

Why are gold bars so preferable?

Any kind of precious metal was always considered a medium of exchange and an excellent investment opportunity. It has been centuries since people are considering the righteous value of precious metals. Among other precious metals, gold bullion bars are one of them. It is one of the preferred ways to make an investment with Gold bars. Gold has always been at the top priority when it comes to investment. Gold holds an outstanding amount of share for investors in the market. Moreover, as Gold’s production has always been constant, that is why the demand is always there in the market. The general price of Gold is almost similar to the gold spot price.

The importance of gold coins

Another exciting thing about Gold is the Gold coins, which have a very great demand in the market. The prices of each gold coin start from a few dollars to thousands. The more the Gold is, the more expensive it becomes. Moreover, another interesting fact about gold coins is the preservation and collectivity time. The ancient golds are much purer and more wanted in the market. For having the right proportion of pure Gold, the value of the ancient gold coins comes with a higher preference.

Reasons for selling gold

There are a few reasons people sell gold bars as Gold bullion is a popular precious metal and affordable. The reasons why people should sell Gold bars are as follows:

  • If one perceives a gold bar, it seems like a privilege to own it as historically related to money and wealth.
  • Selling Gold is a very good option for earning a good amount of profit. It is considered a cost-effective investment. As the price is always not high, it depends on the premium ones all the way to the lower ones. Also, investors and collectors all around the globe consider Gold bars prices as they are pretty much close to the gold spot price.
  • The shape of gold bars is rectangular, so the size and weight don’t matter at all. It is always easy to carry and it is convenient to sell. 
  • One of the great solutions against inflation is the gold bar. They always remain constant with the price.
  • The bars are of various sizes. There are always larger bars, and you can definitely make a good profit from larger bars than small premium ones.  

Also, apart from gold bars, there is a lot of gold jewelry that is every people’s treasure. So there’s nothing to regret. You will surely benefit if you sell gold bars as they are more preferable to some of the precious metals present in the market. Gold is inherently a quality metal, and it is evident after one touches it or grasps it.

Apart from the reasons why you need to sell gold bars, you need to know additional information about the manufacturers and other options before selling them.

Gold bar sizes

There are various minted options for both the collectors and investors before you sell gold bars. The ounces which are available for gold bars are the same as that of gold bars. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the ounces measured in liquids are not the same as the ounces for bullion troy. According to the calculations of weight, 12 troy ounces equals 1 pound. However, gold bars are weighted in grams and kilograms too. Below there are some methods to calculate the weight of Gold:

  • One ounce gold bar: It is one of the most popular methods of measuring without any doubt. New participants always prefer this measurement of an ounce, and since the market is giving the gold bars value as similar to the spot price so it can be easily traced.
  • 5-gram gold bar: It is a popular way of investment if you look for medium-sized gold bars.
  • 10-gram gold bar – If you are looking for a perfectly balanced option for a gold bar, then this is it. It falls between a 1-kilogram gold bar and a 5-gram gold bar, and it is mostly used for gift purposes rather than investment.
  • 100-gram gold bar: The 100-gram gold bar is really difficult to trade as the prices are not similar to the gold spot price. Although being challenging to sell, these gold bars are desired by some collectors.
  • One gram gold bar: This is as famous as the one-ounce gold bar. Starting fresh in the trade market, it is the best choice for collectors and investors as these are widely available. There are a fraction of higher-end premium gold bars, which are difficult to find in the market.
  • One kilogram gold bar: It is the most desired and popular size of the gold bar because it has a lower premium variation in it. These types of gold bars are mostly preferred by experienced and professional collectors and investors. This type of size is preferred chiefly for melting purposes. Gold buyers are often interested in 1-kilogram gold.

The gold bars are minted both by private companies and the government also. All of the minted gold bars carry the .9999 gold purity stamp and also the weight mark. Almost all the pure gold bars are sold in special packages and are rarely available to everyone. It has mintmark, purity, weight, and most of them carry a unique serial number for confirming authenticity.

The types of gold bars

Generally, gold bars are categorized into two types. The gold bars, which are made in a simple process and are more straightforward products, are cast gold bars. There is a unique refinery logo that is stamped onto the bottom or surface part of the gold bar, and also it carries significant markings such as purity, weight, and metal content. Making cast gold bars is done by melting Gold in a big sized vat, and afterward, it is poured into fabricated molds. The basic reason for that is it ensured the purity and proper weight of the final product. For a faster cooling process, the bars are then kept in cold water or left in cool air.

The second type of gold bar is minted ingots. This type of gold bar is made in more refinery processes. The minted ingot bars are then stamped out, which starts as long cast bars. The stamps are computer-controlled, and the desired cuts are adequately done, and fine shapes are observed, and finally, the image of the production line is engraved onto the bars. The final output of these bars is very fabulous. They consist of sharp edges, have brilliant visual finishes, and the design elements are more convoluted.

These gold bars are so premium in quality and why they are so expensive is due to the complicated process for the production of such bars. In general, terms cast gold bars are more affordable than minted ingots due to lower premium over the spot gold prices. Divorce Your Ring gives the best price if you want to sell your gold. Because they are the only company that is the best gold buyer near Dallas. You can go to Divorce Your Ring to sell gold near Dallas TX.

The common weight of gold bars

The most popular and common weighted gold bars purchased are 10 Troy and 1 Troy oz bars. One kilogram gold bars are also trendy as it comes as a big size gold bar and can be combined as a singularity of a product. For a 1-kilogram gold bar, you can get more if considered the cost per ounce. However, apart from the popular and common weight of gold bars, there are also various types of gold bars that are available and sold in the market. They are:

      • 0.5 gram
      • 1 gram
      • 2 grams
      • 5 grams
      • 10 grams
      • 50 grams
      • 100 grams
      • 250 grams
      • 500 grams

Alongside the weight of gold bars, there are many popular designs of gold bars. They are:

  • PAMP Fortuna: There is no other emblematic of craftsmanship than this gold bar design. It clarifies each and every detail, which definitely grabs anyone’s attention very quickly. The bar mainly features the portrait of the Roman Goddess of fortune, which is termed as Fortuna. The weight of these bars ranges as small from 1 gram to a maximum of 1 kilogram.
  • PAMP Lunar: This design represents one of the few options containing the limited issue. The end design of the bar comprises animal reflection from the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The gold bar’s availability is rare as it is found only on the animal’s appearance on the lunar calendar.
  • Valcambi CombiBar: It is from a Swiss refinery, and it allows gold buyers flexibility. The commonly available bar with this design comes with 50 grams. This is unique as on one side of the bar, the design consists of 50 individual reverse markings of 1 Gram, and on the other side, it has a 0.9999 pure gold bar. The theory of the design focuses on no loss for pure Gold even after it splits.
  • Royal Canadian Mint Gold bar: It is among the few sovereign mints that are issued with gold bullions. The main attraction of the bar is the maple leaf logo of the mint. Also, the name is written in both English and France.
  • Perth Mint Gold bar: It consists of the renowned Swan logo, which features the face of all Perth Mint gold bars. There is also a jumping kangaroo, which keeps repeating across the reverse side.
  • Credit Suisse Gold bar: It is among the world’s oldest precious metals firms, which is still in operation. It stands in high regard around the world. There is a simple logo on the obverse of the bar and which consists of the design of the company logo.
  • Sunshine Minting Gold bar: It is a private American refiner, and the main thing which the company features is the bald eagle logo. Also, the bird is in flight on the obverse face.

Apart from the shape, size, and style of the gold bar, which are available to you from Divorce Your Ring, there are a few standard things you will notice on what we offer. In today’s market, the vast majority of the gold bar contains 0.9999 pure gold, undisputed weight, and size. Minted ingots are available in all forms, and in some cases, it is found in tamper-evident packaging fully protected. There is also an assay card that verifies all the essential information related to the gold bar, such as the metal’s weight, purity, and content. So they will help you with everything. 

How Do I Find Places Near Me to Sell Gold?

You will need to find trusted buyers for selling your gold without falling any risk. First, you can try out the local pawn shop, or you can take a look at a coin dealer. They will indeed allow you to place your offer, and also, you can instantly sell your gold and take the money in your hand on the same day. So it is, in fact, quite reliable. One thing you need to keep in mind is don’t get excited about the instant cash price. Your offer will not always be taken into consideration. So it is undeniable that you should visit multiple shops before selling your gold.

In case you want to sell online, many dealers have a streamlined process. In case you want to get the process done online, then it may take a few days, and you need to mail your gold to the dealer if not given in hand.

How Much Is My Gold Worth?

The value of gold generally depends on three factors.

  • Purity
  • Melt value
  • Market value

Purity: The quantity of gold is measured in carats. The scale for measuring gold carat ranges from 1 to 24. It is recorded and stamped on paper, which indicates 10k, 14k, or 24k.

In order to determine the percentage of the purity of the gold, you can use the measurement of carats. That means 12k gold is 50% pure, and 100% pure gold is 24k.

Melt value: In order to determine the melt value of your gold, take the weight of your piece, and measure it in grams. After that, measure the percentage by taking the purity and the current value of gold per gram.

Market value: This is a crucial step in order to determine the correct value for your gold piece. As the clients or gold dealers are willing to pay prices relevant to gold’s current market value, you need to have a good idea about the market value before selling your gold to them. In case you are dealing with a pawn shop or the cash for a gold company or even the local jewelry store, you will face some difficulty in getting a reasonable price as they will buy from you at a low price and want to sell at a fair price in order to make a profit while selling to the consumers. So, it may be challenging for you to sell and get a reasonable price in that case.

Should I Sell to Gold Buyers Near Me?

The thing with the gold buyers near you is that they are very consistent with their prices. In case you want to get the highest price point and if you’re going to sell fast, then you can surely visit them. You may reach the local buyers by taking a drive of 15 min and may sell your gold but doing that may give you a good price but not the best price.

What to expect from Divorce Your Ring for Gold Price 

If you wish to sell your Gold then you can definitely go to them as they will give you a standard price for your Gold. They offer satisfactory prices and they always cross-check each and every detail to assure the correct value of the piece of gold.

Nowadays, it’s easy to sell Gold online. Their company has a lot of offers, so you can check out how to find gold coin bars for sale. Divorce Your Ring is the best place to sell Gold in Dallas. So among many places to sell gold in Dallas. Divorce your ring is a great place to sell.

Why Sell Your Gold from Divorce Your Ring

These are all certified by the assay experts of Divorce Your Ring. They have an accredited assayer who is trained enough to give the exact and precise information about any gold bars. The company also provides a unique encoded serial number, which is a way to identify the presence and production of such gold bars. When the bars are available with proper assay certification and serial number, the card contains the whole thing like the serial number will be engraved onto the bar’s surface. So in case you want a genuine gold bar, then there is no other place better than Divorce Your Ring. They are very much dedicated to providing an excellent service along with the best price. Their handling process is very smooth, and it is the best way to sell Gold. If you want to sell your gold then you can definitely go to them and also, to sell gold Dallas you can contact them and know the updated market price.

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