The World's Best-Selling Silver Bullion Coins - Bullion Shark

The World’s Best-Selling Silver Bullion Coins – Bullion Shark

For centuries a popular way to collect silver coins was to
focus on what are known as silver crowns. Though inspired by British silver crowns
that were issued for centuries, the term is used to refer to larger silver
coins from around the world such as British and other trade dollars, Spanish Pieces
of Eight (8 Reales) and other coins.

Modern coin collectors who may not be able to afford silver
crown coins that typically run about a couple hundred dollars each have an
increasingly wide range of silver bullion coins they can add to their
collection or stack for their silver content. And in many cases those two goals
merge with modern silver bullion legal tender coinage.

While there are many world and private mints making silver
bullion coins today, and some of them add new coin series almost every year,
the following are the most widely traded, recognized and collected silver coins
in the world. They are issued by the world’s leading mints: the U.S. Mint,
Royal Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Austrian Mint, Chinese Mint, Perth Mint and
Mexican Mint. Those are the mints that sell the most silver bullion coins per

The idea of a modern silver bullion coin became popular in
the early 1980s after the remarkable run-up in silver spot prices in 1979-1980,
and within a few years the world’s leading mints were competing with each other
for market share.

The first such coin was the Libertad, the Mexican
Mint’s silver bullion coin issued since 1982 initially in a 1-ounce, .999 fine silver
size to which was later added smaller fractional coins and larger, heavy ones
too, but the onza as it is known remains the most popular one. Compared to
similar coins, Libertads are the only ones that do not carry a denomination and
almost always have the lowest mintages, which has turned them into widely sought collectibles with rising premiums. Buyers also love the design that is inspired
by the statue of an angel of victory on the top of the monument to Mexican independence
in Mexico city.

In 1983 the Chinese Mint introduced its popular 1-ounce
silver Panda that with the exception of a couple issues from the 1980s
always features a different design of one of more pandas each year. The earlier
issues are also difficult to obtain because of their low mintages, but today at
least 10 million of each year’s coin is struck for the world market and the Chinese
market. Until 1987 these coins were .900 fine silver and since then .999 fine.

Next in 1986 came the American Silver Eagle, which
has always been issued only as a 1-ounce, .999 fine silver coin but in many
different finishes for collectors. As you probably know, the reverse design of
this coin was changed for the first time this year to give the eagle a more
modern look, and the obverse was also modified to make it more closely resemble
the original Adolph Weinman design of the Walking Liberty half dollar on which
it is based. This coin remains the #1 best-seller world-wide.

In 1988 the Royal Canadian Mint introduced its popular Silver
Maple Leaf
also issued as a 1-ounce, .999 fine (that was increased a couple
years ago to .9999 fine) and is issued in other sizes for collectors. It is
typically either the second or third best-selling coin of this type because of
its low premium and popular design of single maple leaf by Walter Ott.

In 1990 the Perth Mint in Australia launched its 1-ounce,
.999 fine Kookaburra coin that each year has featured a different design
of one or more kooks and is also issued in a 10-ounce and 1-kilo bullion format
as well as many different collector coins.

The Perth Mint also issues an amazing array of other silver
bullion coins, including certain very low mintage, premium coins, some of which
are issued for other countries. But in terms of major bullion issues, its main
programs are the Chinese Lunar calendar coins issued since 1999 in a
wide range of sizes; the Koala issued since 2007 as a 1-ounce and
10-ounce coin; the very popular Wedge-Tailed Eagle issued in 1-ounce bullion
and other sizes for collectors; and the Kangaroo launched in 2015, which
within a couple years exceeded 10 million coins sold per year and now ranks among the best-selling coins. All Perth bullion coins are .999 fine.

In 1997 the Royal Mint of the UK launched its silver Britannia
coin to complement the gold one launched the year prior, and like the
others it is a 1-ounce coin. Until 2012 the coin featured different designs each
year depicting the ancient, allegorical symbol known as Britannia, which is
their equivalent of our Lady Liberty. Since that time the annual bullion design
has remained the one by Philip Nathan, while new designs appear each year on
the Proof versions. The earlier coins were .958 fine silver, but since 2013 they
have been the industry standard of .999 or finer. Like the other series
discussed in this article, collectors enjoy putting together sets of these

Finally, in 2008 the Austrian Mint – one of the oldest in
Europe – launched the Austrian Philharmonic, which is also the European
Union’s silver bullion coin. Their mintage levels vary each year and are based
on demand levels. The coins feature an
attractive design of the Austrian Philharmonic in Vienna that is popular with
silver buyers. These coins are mainly
purchased as a silver investment and tend to have some of the lowest premiums over spot value of the major world bullion coins.

Each of these silver bullion coins offers the buyer the
finest purity and minting standards and stunning designs – whether you prefer
ones that change each year or those that mostly remain the same. The main
difference between these coins is that the Maples, Philharmonics and Kangaroos
are aimed mainly at silver investors and generally have the lowest premiums
over spot. The other coins are aimed at both silver stackers and collectors and
typically have slightly higher premiums. And many of them have low mintages, which with time has
often translated into substantial secondary market values. 

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