The Different Places You Can Easily Sell Gold

The Different Places You Can Easily Sell Gold

With the global pandemic still raging and the world seeming like it has been turned upside down, many people are struggling financially and looking to sell their precious items, such as gold. 

Many of us have items of gold in our homes that we can use when we need money and sell them to make some easy cash. Some places will accept your gold, no matter what condition it is in, but knowing where you can get the best price is vital when you need money. Below are some of the best places you can go to turn your gold into cash and get that money you need to keep on paying your bills.

Visit A Precious Metals Dealer

If you want to know the ideal place for selling gold, City Gold Bullion will buy and sell gold at the best prices. You can also find other reputable gold dealers near you through Google search. You will need to take the gold you want to sell and a form of photographic identification, and your chosen dealer will assess what gold you have for sale and make you an offer. 

If you are not selling gold bars or coins, there will often be a fee for smelting the gold, and they will also charge a commission. As such, it will pay you to shop around the various dealers and see which ones have the lowest rates, which will maximise the amount of money you receive for your gold. 

Visit Your Local Pawn Shop

You can also sell your broken or unwanted gold jewellery at your local pawnshop, and it is a simple way to get money in your pocket. You may not get the best price at a pawn shop, but if you have your ID, you can walk away with cash quickly. 

However, you need to know that the pawnshop will offer you the scrap value of the gold, minus their commission and any smelting fee there is, which can be a lot less than you paid for the jewellery. Unfortunately, everywhere will be like this, as a significant mark-up is added to jewellery, so the jeweller makes a profit. It may surprise you to know how much profit they can make on an item of jewellery, and how much money you can lose when you look to sell it on to someone else. The only time you may get the top price for your gold jewellery is if it is in excellent condition and it is collectable, and they can sell it quickly.

A Private Sale

You may get more for your unwanted jewellery by opting for a private sale, which is an excellent idea if you already have a buyer in mind. However, if you need the cash quickly, it may not be the best solution as it can take time to find someone interested in buying what you have for sale

If you need the money quickly for whatever reason, consider visiting the gold buying experts, and you can get the cash you need in no time at all.

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