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1949 Canada Silver Dollar
Roll 1978 Canada Nickels
Australia’s Kangaroo .999 Fine Gold 25.00 Round. Very Collectible.
1939 Canada Silver Dollar D.H. MS64
Australia .999 Fine Gold 10 Gram Bar. Original Package, Serialized.
1939 Canada Silver Dollar
Premier – Royal Canadian Mint 100oz Fine Silver Bar. Very Collectible.
Group of (4) Bank of Canada 1937 1.00 (520) (521)
Lot (2) Loose Gemstones 7.1ct tw – Suitable For Earrings (3.5 and 3.6)
Swiss – Lady Fortuna .9995 Platinum Bar in Original Case. Collectible.
Group of (16) World Coins
1899 Canada Silver 5 Cents
1807 Great Britain 1/2 Penny Coin
Premier – Royal Canadian Mint .9999 Fine Silver 10oz Bar. Canadian Silver, Collectible Worldwide.
Coin Starter Collection, 12 Coins, Stock Book with Silver
Estate – Jar of Canada and USA 1 Cent Coins
RCM Collector Bullion .999 Fine 24kt Gold Bar 1oz AGW
Group of (15) Canada Coins
Lot (10) CANADA 1945 V Nickels
Lot (5) Medals and Tokens (629)
1863F – 19/396 Wilson’s CIvil War Token
Lot (25) Canada 1963 1 Cent ‘BU’ Coins. CAT 7.00 each +
Estate Lot- Flatware
USA – .999 Fine Silver Indian Head/Buffalo 10oz Bar. Collectible.
1965 Canada Silver 50 Cent
Lot (20) 1952 Canada 1 Cent Coins. MS60-MS62. (RB)
Bank of CANADA 1954 1.00 *Replacement (AF) B/R (VF)
Group of (24) Mixed Coins – 16 Are Silver
Group of (88) Canada 1 Cent Coins
Bank of Canada 1986 5.00 UNC (EOY)
Bag Lot – Great Britain Shillings
Tube – 1751-1961 Commemerative Nickels
Lot (2) George V 1918 Large Cent (697)
Lot (32) One Cent Coins
Bank of CANADA UNCUT Sheet (2) x 1982 2.00 Cased
Canada 1966 Silver Year Set Cased, ASW 1.1oz
Group (10) Great BRITAIN One Penny Coins
Group of (4) German/Austria Notgeld Notes
1959 Canada Silver Dollar
Estate Group (50) Brass Air Cadets, CAnada Buttons, Made by Smith and Wright Ltd.
2021 South Africa ‘Krugerrand’ .999 Fine Silver 1oz ASW
18kt Gold Plated/Stainless Steel 24″ Necklace
Shiriff Jelly and Puddings Insert Coin, TML 1961-1962 ‘Al Arbour’ (OR)
Group (12) Tokens and Medals
Bank of Canada 1969 20.00 UNC (EJ)
RCM Collector Bullion .9999 Fine Silver Bar, 10oz ASW Serialized
RCM Lost Ships in CANADIAN Waters .999 Fine Silver $20.00 LE/C.O.A.
1956 Canada Silver Dollar
1837 Bank Token ‘Penny’ (615)
Group of (10) Coins of South Africa

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