Spain: Royal Spanish Mint Launches New Annual Bullion One-ounce Gold Coins Featuring Elusive Iberian Lynx

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The Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre FNMT — Real Casa de la Moneda has announced (22nd October) the launch of the country’s first bullion-related legal tender coin, which will be produced annually from this year as one-ounce pieces and feature as its primary design on the reverse the Iberian lynx. In joining other countries that are producing their own national bullion-related gold coins, the FNMT — Real Casa de la Moneda highlighted their long history in the minting of trade coins. Silver reals were produced as early as 1497 and in various colonies in the New World until Mexican independence in 1821 and at home until the coin was replaced with the five-peseta coin in 1868. Gold escudos were first minted in 1535 and during their time in circulation until 1833, they were regarded as a primary international currency.

The obverse design is also reminiscent of earlier silver and gold coins minted in Spain and the New World from the 16th to the 19th centuries as the primary motif recreates the historic Columnario del Real de a Ocho, translated as the columns of the eight reales. Depicted are two images of the old and new worlds shown as globes, the territories on both sides of the ocean and part of the Spanish Empire are shown on an equal footing. They are flanked by two crowned columns, each with the legend PLUS and VLTRA (“Further Beyond”). Atop the globes is the Spanish crown and above the primary design is the legend of HM King Felipe VI — FELIPE VI REY DE ESPAÑABelow the primary design is the text 1 ONZA 999,9 ORO denoting the coin’s weight and fineness in gold. The reverse side includes the head of the Iberian lynx, native to the Iberian Peninsula. Along with being extremely rare, they are also one of the most elusive species in the world, living in some of the wildest and most remote parts of Spain. Along with the exceptional depiction of the lynx is the legend LINCE IBÉRICO shown just under the head along the coins’ edge. The face value of 1,5 EURO is placed above the lynx and to the left is the year of minting, 2021, along with the mintmark of the Real Casa — a crowned M denoting Madrid.



Weight  Diameter  Quality 

Maximum Mintage 

1.5 euro

.9999 Gold

31.1 g 37 mm Reverse Proof


The coins are delivered encapsulated and struck with the highest quality Reverse Proof finish. The Royal Spanish Mint has announced they intend to make the new coins available through a network of national and international distributors, as well as the mint’s museum shop located in Madrid, from early November. Collectors and investors in Madrid can visit the museum’s shop in person. It is expected there will be high demand for the first coin which launches the annual series. For additional information, please visit the website of the FMNT — Casa Real de la Moneda Museum.

Collectors and investors are also advised to consult their nearest bullion distributor. 

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