Silver Bullion Supply Issues Worsen 2021 - The Daily Coin

Silver Bullion Supply Issues Worsen 2021 – the Daily Coin

Silver Bullion Supply Issues Worsen 2021 BY JHANDERS via Zero Hedge

We have confirmed news of private bullion mint troubles, allegations of government bullion mint shortcomings, and even potential failings.

We’re about to look at many of those allegations below, in this week’s SD Bullion Market Update(see the embedded video below).

The spot silver price and gold spot price both traded slightly up for the week respectively.

The gold-silver ratio stayed at the 66 level, the same as we closed last week.

The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet is almost $7.7 trillion now.

How long until this hits $10 trillion? (POLL RESULT)

One could reasonably expect once $10 trillion is reached we would also have new record nominal price highs for gold. While the then silver spot price should be then running into and through the $30s in the $40s per troy ounce.

Many retail silver bullion products have already reached those price levels year to date Q1 2021.

Thus far in 2021, the investment demand chasing silver has been well higher than last year 2020 (which already recorded record-high levels in pandemic 2020).

And this week we had some allegations and a confluence of reports citing issues in the global silver bullion investment markets.

Silver Bullion Supply Issues Worsen With Outsized Ongoing Demand

The allegations and precious metals industry issues we are seeing now are not very surprising.

Our hunch is in the years to come, many of the wrong choices people made are going to be costly.

Picture being left out of a precious metals mania phase, poorly positioned in the wrong things, while bullion values move exponentially higher.

Get your bullion positions secured while you still can. That’s is all for this week.

Take great care of yourselves ZeroHedge’rs, and those you love.

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