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Gold is an excellent investment option that people have been using for ages. This is because selling gold transforms into instant cash when in extreme need of money. Indian markets brim with jewellery shops where one can buy beautiful gold ornaments. However, when it comes to selling gold, the same shops shy away and are not very forthcoming. Therefore, when in dire need, people have no option but to look for gold buyers, who most of the time try to take advantage of the situation.                  Most gold buyers incur huge deductions in the garb of wastage charge, melting charge, and other costs. Helpless sellers end up paying almost 50 to 60% of their gold value in the name of such deductions. So, you may ask, how to sell gold? Is there a foolproof way? Well, don’t be disheartened, there is. It is highly recommended that one should keep in mind the following tips before selling gold to get the best price.                                     Bill or invoice- It is best to have your original bill whenever you plan to sell your gold. This will avoid any conflict of interest such as the purity and authenticity of your gold item. Purity of gold- In case you don’t have the original bill, always validate the purity of gold beforehand. Otherwise, jewellers can manipulate saying that your gold item is of poor purity. Gold worth- Remember while selling gold, you will only get paid for the parts that are in pure gold. To avoid any surprises later, it is best to know in advance the worth of your items. Gold rate- This is an important factor that determines selling your gold ornaments at a fair price. As the rate of gold keeps fluctuating, always determine the gold rate of the day when you plan to sell your jewellery. Reputable buyer- Of course, a gold buyer with high ethical standards and a sparkling reputation is your best bet. Check Google reviews, discuss with your family and friends, and browse the Internet well before settling down for a gold buyer. Unorganized gold buyers who still follow traditional practices can make the whole gold buying experience a hectic one. Years in the market- A distinguished gold buyer will have a legacy that stands on values of integrity, high-quality practices, and high customer satisfaction. A buyer who has earned the goodwill of his customers through years of honest work is always recommended. Shop around- You can try getting bids from multiple gold buyers before deciding where to sell. This will make you more confident and well aware of the gold buying process. Documents- Once you know where to sell your gold, just ensure that you have any of the following 2 documents that the gold buyer may ask for-  Pan Card Aadhaar Card Voter ID Driving License Passport In a nutshell, selling gold is a very personal matter and therefore, one should understand the importance of transparency and honesty.In this light, it becomes all the more important to research well so that any last-minute disappointments can be minimized.                              By reposing faith in Jewels Planet, one of the best gold buyers in Delhi, you are looking at:  Full transparency in cash for gold process in Delhi/NCR. Instant Lab Report Certificate to check the purity of gold.. Smooth and fast gold selling process. Well-trained, professional, and highly courteous staff for the best customer experience. And most importantly instant payment against your gold. 

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