Robin Hood 2021 1oz Gold Bullion Coin | the Royal Mint

At The Royal Mint, tradition has long gone hand in hand with innovation. Our new bullion coin collection, inspired by myths and legends, explores enchanting stories that have been passed down through generations and are still celebrated today.

The collection first explores the story of Robin Hood, beginning with the legend himself. Passed along through the oral traditions of the time, stories of this heroic rebel, who took from the rich to give to the poor, have been spread far and wide since the fourteenth century. Two more coins inspired by the tale will follow, featuring the courageous heroine Maid Marian and Robin Hood’s trusted companion Little John.

Robin Hood has been depicted in a design by Jody Clark with a bow in hand, ready to spring into action in Sherwood Forest. He is accompanied by a portrait of Her Majesty The Queen on the coin’s obverse, which was also designed by Jody Clark. Struck in 999.9 fine gold, each one ounce coin is finished to The Royal Mint’s bullion standard, and is also available as a one ounce silver edition.

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