Remembering “Al Gamal for Gold Artifacts” on the World Day of Jewelry

On the World Day of Jewelry, let’s have a look at something from the Egyptian heritage, which highly affected the Egyptian jewelry, particularly the middle class ones.

“Al Gamal for Gold Artifacts” was considered one of the leading Egyptian accessories and artifacts corporations, founded in 1912, Al Hussein.

Moreover, the corporation had several branches across Egypt that contained the most skilled goldsmiths and designers.

The corporation worked on manufacturing gold-like accessories in order to encourage people to buy cheap gold artifacts such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

Some of the most-common pieces of accessories were lathe-like earrings, and variously decorated bracelets.

On the other hand, the corporation distributed about 21-carat designs to suit its lovers.

However, it has closed down after the movement of nationalization in Egypt and its property moved to Segal, a state-owned Egyptian Factory for Precious Minerals.

However, the production of the factory suspended due to degradation. Currently, the corporation is manufacturing copper, lead, and aluminum.

Here is one of “Al Gamal for Gold Artifacts” advertisements published in 1946, taken from Al Helal Archives.

Kirdan Falahi (Necklace with Traditional Design) ..375 Pt.
Firyal Bracelet…100 Pt.
Two Golden- Like Bracelets..35 Pt.
Heavy- Decorated Bracelet…75 Pt.
Engagement Ring..15 Pt.
Cross…15 Pt.
Heavy -Golden Ring…50 Pt.
Heavy Golden Earring..20 Pt.
Golden Watchstrap …40 Pt.

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