Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry

How to mix metals, how to wear gold and silver together

Reader Wendy wrote to me a while back asking about style rules concerning mixed metals. At the time I wore silver exclusively – my engagement and wedding rings are white gold – so I had never grappled with this question myself. But I’ve since started incorporating some gold tones into my jewelry wardrobe and tinkered with mixing. So now I believe you can go one of four routes: Don’t care, wear all one or the other, mix intentionally, or include a bridging piece.


I know many women who have gold wedding/everyday rings and wear other jewelry in silver or gold without giving it a single thought. A single gold piece in a silver mix – especially something as small as a ring – is unlikely to seem jarring, so if you can accessorize without thinking about it, do. But if it bothers you …


Wearing all one or the other will look polished and chic, of course. But that limits you to gold, unless you’re willing to take off your wedding/everyday ring. So …


Creating an intentional and harmonious mix of metals mostly just means including more than one in a single area of wear. Mix gold and silver bangles, or wear a thin gold and a thin silver chain layered together. Or …


You could certainly invest in a single piece that contains both gold and silver. There are countless watches out there that tastefully combine the two metals, and I’ve seen lovely bracelets, too. (Like the one shown above!) If you want to wear silver, including the gold-silver item in your outfit as a bridging piece will make your accessories seem beautifully unified.

Image courtesy Iris Jewelry Design.

Originally posted 2010-12-01 06:04:00.

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