Is Augusta Precious Metals a Top Gold IRA Company?

Whether you are new to the concept of using retirement savings to invest in precious metals like silver and gold, or have been interested in the idea for some time, Augusta Precious Metals is one name you may have come across over the last few years.

Many consider the organization to be one of the leading names in the silver and gold IRA sector, but if you are looking for the best place to start investing your retirement money into precious metals, you may wonder if Augusta Precious Metals is as good as people seem to suggest.

In the following post, to help you figure out whether the company is right for you, we are going to discuss some key points that make them stand out from the crowd.

Top Recommended Gold IRA Company By

Rather than just focusing on what an organization is saying about itself in its marketing blurb, there are a few crucial ways to tell how good or bad a company is, regardless of what industry they are operating in. One is customer reviews, as this gives you feedback on the actual experience people are having in real-life with a group. It enables you to contrast what they promise with what they actually deliver.

Another way you can really get to grips with whether a company is reputable and worth investing through is if they have any notable awards or accreditations.

Interestingly, on that subject, very recently, Augusta Precious Metals was awarded the accolade of “top recommended gold IRA company”, by a consumer review body. Why should you listen to their opinion? The site gives out a range of awards to different companies within the investment sector to help customers and potential investors find organizations that provide professional and excellent services that they can put full confidence in when investing through. put a lot of research into deciding the companies that are given awards and those who aren’t and as they are seen as an authoritative voice in the industry, they work hard to ensure their reputation remains intact.

There are a number of reasons why, according to their extensive research, that awarded Augusta Precious Metals, stated their founder and president, Tim Schmidt.

Two key reasons are that the company has received numerous positive reviews through and that platform has named Augusta Precious Metals in its Best Of for 5 years consecutively and the fact that the company enjoys amazing ratings through other watchdogs like BBB.

Curiously, according to their research, there has scarcely been a negative word said about the company since they were established, which is now over the nine year mark. Read more in this review.

An interesting fact about Augusta Precious Metals is that it first came to prominence thanks to Joe Montana, the quarterback hall of famer.

When he was looking to invest in gold, he asked his team of financial advisors to vet all the companies offering gold investments. They found Augusta Precious Metals, so it is not unusual to see Montana representing the company.

The company has always been passionate about providing customers with an excellent and transparent service when they are looking to make the big decisions about where to invest their retirement money. The awards suggest that they have been successful in doing that.

As you can see from the above, in response to the question posed in our heading, yes Augusta Precious Metals, according to watchdog groups like the BBB, IRAInvesting, and the Busines Consumer Alliance who gave it an AAA rating, it is one of the best gold IRA companies in the country.

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