How to Choose Gold vs Silver vs Platinum Jewelry - IMC Grupo

How to Choose Gold vs Silver vs Platinum Jewelry – IMC Grupo

While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, designer jewelry trumps gender. It could be your favorite jade-and-coral necklace, a Boho chic earring set, or a luxurious Rolex watch you’ve been saving for that special occasion. The market has jewelry pieces to the billions. They come from different materials such as but are not limited to, gold, silver, and platinum. That’s why you need to take your time to learn more. And while the three may bear similarities in appearance to the untrained eye, there are various factors that can help you distinguish them. If you had an eye on an exquisite piece of designer jewelry for that upcoming wedding, then you might want to pause and consider the factors below before reaching into your money pot.

More hands are better than one. The same applies to these precious metals of nature. While the purer forms of these metals fetch a higher value, they are too soft and malleable. Jewelers usually mix in alloys of different metals to change the color, strength, and shine of these metals. Gold jewelry mostly contains other metals like copper and zinc. These make it sturdier and resistant to scratch.

When you picture gold, I’m sure a startling yellow comes to mind. But did you know it has more than one shade? Yes, gold comes in yellow, white, and a nice rose hue. White gold contains alloys of much more durable metals such as zinc and copper with a rhodium plating. This gives it a bright, silvery-white appearance. The major con is that it loses its sparkle after some time, therefore, needs constant polishing and replating.

Platinum is exclusively white, and most pieces use about 95 to 98% pure platinum. While it may be difficult to distinguish between platinum and white gold with the untrained eye, platinum retains its magnificent silvery-white hue for ages. White gold unfortunately is not susceptible to aging due to its lowered purity.

Pieces from sterling silver, which uses 92.5% pure silver, are prone to tarnishing and exposure to moisture. Pollutants make them turn black.

Most platinum jewelry pieces have only a small percentage of metal alloys mixed in with them. These metals can include copper, palladium, cobalt, iridium, or ruthenium.  Platinum is soft and as you guessed it, therefore, scratches more readily than 14K gold jewelry. But don’t let this derail you from buying that platinum ring you’ve been eyeing at your jeweler’s store.

While it scratches easily, it doesn’t lose any platinum as the metal only shifts to another part of the surface. You can easily repair this by buffing and polishing it. Polishing platinum jewelry also smooths out the piece and does not thin the metal, making it highly durable. Scratched platinum also gives off a unique antique-looking finish, colloquially referred to as patina.

Silver on the flip side is much less durable compared to the other two metals. It is extremely soft and pliable. Hence, jewelers usually combine it with metal such as copper, nickel, or zinc. This is to increase its luster and durability. It easily loses shape and can easily wear thin if not taken care of cautiously. Pieces made from sterling silver, which uses 92.5% pure silver, are prone to tarnishing, and exposure to moisture and other pollutants makes them turn black.

The Comfort of the Designer Jewelry

Gold is lighter than platinum hence is more comfortable to wear if you are not into bulky jewelry. But if your budget isn’t gold-friendly then silver is your knight in shining armor. It is less dense compared to gold and is suitable for costume jewelry and large statement pieces.

Skin Sensitivity

Nothing is more annoying than getting a skin irritation or allergic reaction from wearing your ornate opal necklace. Most designer jewelry contains precious metals mixed in with metal alloys such as zinc, nickel, copper among others. The most common culprit of skin reactions is nickel and sometimes zinc. It is therefore mandatory that you check for other metals in your jewelry before you part with your money. Gold and silver contain a plethora of alloys, hence platinum is the safest bet when it comes to jewelry as it is naturally hypoallergenic.

Monetary Value

Gold has been associated with wealth since time immemorial, but did you know at a point in history silver was much more precious? Yes, it was a currency for the longest time until gold swooped in and stole the show. In the current market, gold fetches more money by the dollar as compared to silver.

Platinum on the other hand is a rare commodity as compared to gold. Its purity, high density, and durability make it almost always more valuable than gold.

If you are not strapped for cash and looking for a long-term investment, then choose platinum. It can easily withstand the test of time and requires very low maintenance. If your money isn’t platinum yet, then gold is a better alternative. While its price is hugely dependent on the number of carats, it is still a cheaper option as compared to platinum. The only drawback is that it needs constant buffing and replating which may cause you to incur extra costs.

Silver is the cheapest of the precious metals and therefore easy to replace and restore in case of scratches and tarnishing.

Final Thoughts

Whether you prefer gold, platinum, or silver, there is a lot to consider before you buy jewelry. If you want a timeless piece, then go platinum. If it is a piece you will only use once or twice then silver is your safest bet. And in case you want colors for your designer jewelry piece, gold coming in various hues is right for you.

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