Guardian Gold Improved Bullion Buyback Rates

Guardian Gold Improved Bullion Buyback Rates

After recently surveying our database, one of the key suggestions from our clients was for a more transparent and improved buyback policy when it comes to selling precious metals back to Guardian Gold. We listened and have implemented a welcome change.

We are happy to announce a new policy of paying the live spot price on our website -3% for Gold and -4% for Silver bullion products.

We buy back most well-known bullion brands and you can visit us any time during business hours to sell your metal back, with funds clearing within 2 business days.

Guardian Gold Consignment Option

Also, to complement our better buyback rates, Guardian Gold is also offering our Consignment Option on sales of over 2 kilograms of Gold or over 100 kilograms of silver. With our consignment option, your precious metal is handed over to Guardian Gold, and stored securely in our vault. We then go to market to sell your metal, advertising it to our client base. As the metal sells, it automatically locks in a transaction to buy from the consignor and pays the exact spot price at that time, and nothing less. The spot price paid will be the very same spot price listed on the Guardian Gold website at the time of the transaction. A great way to dollar cost average out of a larger position and also receive the best possible rate.

For more information on this see here.

We welcome further feedback and look forward to implementing many improvements over time to help our clients get the best from their investments!

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