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What is an IRA?

An IRA, or an individual retirement arrangement, is a personal savings plan that allows people to set money aside for retirement.   You can put money into an IRA through contributions you make yourself or by directing your employer’s contributions (if the plan offers it).  Also, if you’re self-employed, you may be able to establish an IRA using your business’s profits.  The money in an IRA may then be invested in a variety of vehicles, depending on the type of IRA you choose to establish.

What is Gold IRA?

A gold IRA is a type of self-directed IRA that permits you to purchase and hold gold within your retirement account.  By contrast, with regular IRAs or 401(k)s, the investments are typically stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs or similar options.  Any gains made on these assets are taxable when withdrawn, which means the funds in your IRA or 401(k) are generally considered “ordinary income” when you reach retirement age, when it’s time to start making withdrawals.  With a gold IRA, by contrast, the gains (or losses) on your gold investment are tax deferred.

Benefits of Gold IRA

Now, in a regular IRA or 401(k), your money is at the mercy of whatever’s going on in the market.  If the stock market tanks, your retirement is going down with it.  Additionally, if you hold bonds in your IRA and interest rates increase dramatically, the value of those bonds may decrease to reflect the current market rates, which means your IRA will have lost money.  However, with a gold IRA investment, you’re insulated from these types of problems.  Plus, you can rest assured that no matter what happens to the stock market or the economy at large, gold is always going to maintain its value.

Price of Gold in 2021

Gold has been a valuable commodity for thousands of years.  In modern times, it’s been used as an indicator of wealth and stability.

On the other hand, gold is trading at around $1,177 per ounce, which means it’s near historic highs.

Risks involved with Gold IRA     As with all investments, there are risks to gold.  The price is very volatile and you should never buy more than 5 – 10% of your portfolio in gold.  If the price drops suddenly, your investment will drop accordingly and you could lose a lot of money.  Additionally, there’s also the risk of theft and storage issues.

Now that we’ve discussed the basics of investing into an old gold ira or bitcoin ira , let’s discuss.

What Is Silver IRA

How does silver stack up?

The price of silver is trading around $16.50 per ounce, which means silver prices are close to their historic lows

When you’re investing in a silver IRA, you’re also insulated from macro forces that are affecting stocks or bonds.  And because silver can be purchased much more cheaply than gold (one troy ounce of gold costs around $1,177 at this point, whereas you can purchase 1,000 troy ounces of silver for around $16.50), your investment is more liquid.  Leverage is another advantage with silver IRAs.  You can buy silver on margin and trade it using CFDs (contracts for difference).  Additionally, as with gold, you can’t over-invest in silver.  You’re limited to 5 – 10% of your portfolio.

Silver IRA Storage

As with a gold IRA, the only storage option for a silver IRA is allocated storage:   You must keep your physical silver (or gold) stored on your behalf in a professional, non-bank storage facility.

And that’s all you need to know about how to get started with a gold ira vs a silver ira .  More information can be found at and of course feel free to comment.

What is Bitcoin IRA?

The world’s first bitcoin IRA has just opened, giving investors the chance to use retirement funds or 401k to invest in bitcoins.  BitcoinIRA is a company that gives you the opportunity to purchase bitcoins as part of your self-directed IRA and provides secure storage and wallet services for your digital currency which can be used as an alternative asset.

iRAs and Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin is one of the most important inventions since the internet.  It’s a digital currency that can be sent anywhere in the world without worrying about cross-border fees, exchange rates or government regulation.

Benefits of Bitcoin as an IRA Investment     The first advantage to bitcoin as an IRA investment is its currency status.  A currency isn’t subject to inflation like the US dollar is.  Additionally, currency isn’t taxable because you don’t pay taxes on any gains that your bitcoins appreciate in value by. As with all investments, there are risks involved with bitcoin IRA .

The price of Bitcoin has increased exponentially over the last few years.  We can see that the price rose from around $13 per bitcoin in early 2013 to over $500 by August of that year.  Now, one Bitcoin trades at around $1,188.

Risks Involved with Bitcoin IRA     Much like gold and silver, there are risks involved when you invest in bitcoins for retirement .  The currency is extremely volatile, meaning that it can drop or appreciate quickly.  Because there are no regulations surrounding bitcoins , your investment could be lost if the company running the wallet goes bankrupt (or disappears).     Also like gold and silver, you’re limited to 5 – 10% of your IRA in bitcoin.

Who started bitcoin IRA

BitcoinIRA is a relatively new company that started in June 2016.  The company was founded by Trevor Gerszt and Chris Kline, two seasoned financial professionals who have been involved with retirement investments for two decades.  Gerszt says that bitcoin has been “designed to function as an alternative store of wealth, like gold and silver.  The value is not dependent on any government, unlike the dollar which has the GDP of a single country behind it.”

# Currency Status:  Like gold and silver, there are unique benefits to investing in bitcoins as part of an IRA.  Bitcoins cannot be devalued by governments or central banks.  Additionally, bitcoins cannot be subject to capital controls.

# Tax Benefits: There are no tax implications when you hold onto your investment as bitcoin value only increases over time (i.e., it’s not like a stock where if you sell shares you can end up with a taxable gain).  Also, there are no tax implications if you decide to sell your bitcoins at a later date.

# Volatility: Bitcoins can be extremely volatile, similar to investing in forex, options or CFDs.  Bitcoin IRA does not provide advice on when to enter or exit the market for this reason.

Risks Involved with Bitcoin IRA   Similar to gold and silver, the price of bitcoins are not regulated by the government.  Bitcoin Ira does not provide advice on when to enter or exit because of these risks .

If you decide that a bitcoin IRA sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out for more information.

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