Gold Price: Gold Became Cheaper by Rs 8500 From the Record Price, the Lowest Price in This City

There is a steady decline in the price of gold in the country. Due to the fall in the price of gold, the demand for gold remains constant in the market. The wedding season is going on in the country, due to which there is a huge crowd in the market.

There was a big fall in the price of gold in the bullion market on Saturday as well. On Saturday, the price of 22 carat gold was recorded at Rs 60 per 10 grams, while the fall in gold continued for the second consecutive day on Sunday.

On Sunday also, there was a fall of Rs 10 per ten grams in the price of 22 carat gold in the country. According to bullion market experts, the ongoing fall in gold prices is favorable for the market, it is also a relief news for the market amid increased demand from customers.

Know which city of India is getting the cheapest gold

There is a difference of more than 3,500 in the prices of gold in different cities across India. While in Delhi the price of gold (Rs 51,560 per ten grams) remained at the highest level across India, in Vadodara it was seen at the lowest level in India.

Know today’s price

Today in bullion market, the price of 22 carat gold was Rs 46,780 per ten grams and the price of silver was Rs 61,200 per kg.

It is worth noting that in the month of August last year, the price of gold had reached its all-time high rate. In August, 2020, the price of gold in the bullion market was Rs 55,400 per ten grams.

If we compare today’s price with the all-time high rate of gold, then gold has become cheaper by about Rs 8500 from its record price.

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