GOLD IRA, FUNDS & CREDIT UNIONS... (Video) - The Daily Coin

GOLD IRA, FUNDS & CREDIT UNIONS… (Video) – The Daily Coin

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Question 1: 0:51​
Saw your “shift” video. I’m not sure quite what to make of it — I’ve attached an image here to explain. No one else in the YouTube comments section seemed to notice, but no matter how many times I blinked, I couldn’t get Spot to trade below SLV! What am I missing?

Question 2: 06:10​
If someone owes $100,000 on a mortgage and the currency is reset what happens? Do you think there will be a period of time where you can pay the mortgage off before it is revalued to the new currency?

Question 3: 07:19​
Roll over from IRA stocks to Gold IRA. Does this move work or is it a bad move?

Question 4: 09:43​
My family and friends and I are all very concerned about the Bail In’s possibility. Are we relatively safe in keeping some of our money in credit unions?

Question 5: 11:40​
What comes first hyperinflation or the reset?

Question 6: 13:07​
My question is about my existing 401k balance. My employer’s plan doesn’t give me the ability to invest in individual stocks and has a limited number of fund choices. What type of funds do you recommend to limit losses during the reset and what would you recommend shifting to when it looks like we’re at the bottom?

Question 7: 18:27​
Is it wise to pay off your house? What if the Government makes property taxes so high it makes owning your own home a liability?

Question 8: 19:15​
What are the tax implications for private sale of physical metals? What is the reported minimum?

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