Gold Coins and Gold Bullion Remain a Safe Place for Your Money

The Bull and The Bear are continuing to bang heads. Wall Street and even Main Street USA, and I am sure even your street is in shambles. The banking system is melting before our eyes and is in total chaos. The bankers, all the smart players are demanding a bailout. They have ripped us off, lined their pockets and are smoking a big cigar bought with their fat wallets and they want help! The only bailout plan should be the bankers getting bailed out of jail for this mess, the mess that has almost crippled our economy and the mess that they have put us into. So as we sit around wondering what’s next, now we need to ask ourselves… Are there any safe places to put your money in this time of the weak Dollar, while all of the financial lenders go belly up, with the oil market a ticking time bomb, with wild fluctuations in the stock market? There is hope for that safe haven. You need to follow this advise, you need to act now, this is not a doom and gloom scare tactic, it is simple real life mathematics. We say park your cash in: gold. Yes Gold! Whether it is coins, bullions, or Kruggerands, gold has historically been a safe haven for your hard earned cash. That is not about to change any time soon, if ever.

The California Gold rush is a well documented example of how far back gold has been popular. In fact, we can go back thousands of years to trace the investment lineage of gold. Gold has historically and will continue to be a solid investment! Think about this, gold is an item you can hold in your hand, that alone is a main reason why it is so valuable. It is an item you can hold, wear around your neck or store in a safe. It’s not an abstract number in a computer bank that rises or lowers by market movers who have no clue. It’s not spat out by a magic money tree in the basement the Federal Reserve. It is produced by mother earth and all her wonderful resources. Gold, to this day has to be mined by gold miners and separated from the earth. Gold is virtually impossible to become worthless, along with silver it is what all paper and minted money is supposed to be backed by in all countries around the globe. Everywhere you can think of, world economies depend on the price of gold, and more importantly the economies need the value of it to be maintained in a positive manner.

The history of our economy has always been whenever derivative money such as the Dollar have shown times of volatility, causing stocks and bonds to go on a wild ride, that is when most seasoned and wise investors have turned to gold and precious metals as a place to not only invest but to protect their hard earned precious wealth. Way back when gold was first discovered, gold has always been the rock upon which all currency and wealth is built upon. Stocks, bonds, oil, pork bellies, orange juice futures and other commodities, can collapse any day, gold will never collapse. The original money known to mankind is, that’s right gold. You can wake up one morning, or return from work one day and in an instant The Dollar can become worthless on the FOREX, but gold will never lose any of its value. If the Dollar were to become worthless, then investors would be pushing up the value of gold, driving the price to historic levels, and investing much more of their money in it! That will be an all time Gold Rush, and your pockets will be lined with golden dollar signs.

Now, I do not want to get your hopes up, in fact the Dollar going to zero is not a realistic scenario. But now that we have your attention we are just exaggerating to make a point–a very realistic point that gold as an investment really has some true merit. Gold coins and gold bullion have been magnificent investments for a long period of time. We do not see this changing and the more troubled times that occur in the speculative stocks and bond markets, thanks to a few greedy people, the better gold coins and bullion become as investment vessels. Gold will always remain a smart investment choice, perhaps one of the few, safe outstanding plays for a college fund. If college is still greater than 15 years out, then a play on gold, may in fact be a safe haven for a few of those “golden” eggs. In other words get into gold when your child is born and just tuck it away for the first college day.

Now, let’s look at what may not be fun to review, but is probably a good time to discuss the facts, and that is a few hard economic realities. First things first, the value of gold and the other precious metals, always reflects global inflation. Inflation is caused by the increased circulation of derivative or fiat monies. Inflation, even if it were to slow down now (very, very unlikely), is a hard reality of modern economics; thus, the value of gold will continue to rise. All the precious metals will continue to see an increase over the next decade and beyond.

For another thing, does it seem to you that geopolitical uncertainties are going do just vanish anytime soon? Yea, OK! There are way too many world leaders that have an agenda that is self centered and dangerous. Turmoil amongst world leaders is only going to worsen over the next few years. The world, especially some of its world leaders is crazy with greed. There are more than enough of crazy “leaders” in the world, plenty of people who will kill you for their fanatical cause, will keep the price of gold at all time highs. As the planet generally grows wealthier, while on the one hand that gives more opportunities for more people to do well, it also provides more opportunities for people to do wicked things. World financial markets, regardless of the country do not like the risk with this political chaos. These are threats to world economies and to the wealth of these world leaders. And yet, the smart and wise investors continue, year after year to profit from this kind of risk. And they know that perhaps the very best way to profit from risk is investing in gold and other precious metals. When markets grow more destabilized, which seems to be happening most of the time, the price of gold and precious metals goes up, because people around the world value it more.

There is always risk to the stocks and bond market anyway. No different than betting on some sports action in Vegas or a long shot at the races, the larger the risk or odds, the greater the return Smart investors and wise gamblers know that greater risk taking, if done right, leads to greater profits and earnings. But, those bigger profits are also less certain profits. Yet with gold, the riskiness has a very strong and historically proven tendency to drive up the value of the precious metal. So it can be said that with gold investments, greater risk basically GUARANTEES greater profits!

Remember, whenever the markets experience some turmoil, people start placing their money into more solid things. People want to be able to sleep comfortably at night; they need the comfort that their nest eggs are protected. They want less speculation, less derivation, and more concrete stuff. When stocks and mutual funds are reeling, gold coins and gold bullion are rising. For they are the stuff and the foundation that economies are made of and provide the true value that investors seek. Beginning today you should start building your core foundation of gold coins and gold bullion investments.

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