Gold and Silver Buyers Near Me

Gold and Silver Buyers Near Me

It’s no surprise with the economic hardship many people across the nation are currently experiencing, there’s a spike in the demand to sell valuable possessions for cash.

And with that desire of selling off one’s precious metals, whether it’s jewelry, antiques, coins, etc., there will always be the need for Gold and Silver buyers.

So you found our video because you did a search for Gold and Silver Buyers Near me.

We’ll lay out some important tips to make sure you engage with a reputable local buyer but will also include some other avenues to quickly and easily sell your Gold and Silver.

First, when searching for a local buyer to sell your Gold and Silver, take note of the Google Reviews they’ve received.

A 4 or 5 star rating is what you’re looking for.

But just as important or sometimes even more important are the number of reviews you see for that buyer.

Because one stellar review should be given much less weight than a buyer who has dozens or even hundreds of reviews of a lesser score.

It would also make sense to read a few reviews to make sure the reviews are legitimate.

Yes, there are definitely some fake reviews posted on local businesses, and Gold Buyers are no exception.

Another important item to look for is if they have a website available to check.

It’s not always the case that Gold Buyers are more reputable if they have a website, but it just seems to make sense if a business has a website, then they’re likely to be more established and reliable.

Additionally, you can get more details about the type of Gold or Silver they accept, store hours, and of course their location.

Aside from Google, you can also go directly to to find Gold and Silver buyers near you.

Yelp is a directory that lists local based businesses so make sure you have your location based services turn on, on your device.

That way Yelp can return results that are relevant to your location.

Another alternative to selling your Gold or Silver to a local buyer would be to sell to an online gold buyer.

You might not feel confident or safe sending in your Gold or Silver via mail to an online buyer who you’ve never done business with.

However, you shouldn’t completely disregard this option as this method is becoming more and more popular for those selling their precious metals.

Here’s how it works.

Once you find a site that is reputable, we recommend Cash For Gold USA, what you do is:

First, fill out their online form with your contact details and information about what you’re selling.

Then they’ll send you an envelope so you can package your item whether it’s coins, jewelry, etc.

Then send the package via mail and once they’ve received it, give them a day or two to send you a quote via email or phone.

It’s up to you at this point to accept their quote.

And if you do, then you’ll get paid directly either via Paypal or direct to your bank via wire or ACH.


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