Coins, Banknotes, Bullion, ICCS, Medals, Stamps, Tokens & More! | Collector's Choice Auction - Session 1/2 | LIVE Online 7:00pm EST. - Page 1 of 11 - Auction Network - Online Auctions

Coins, Banknotes, Bullion, ICCS, Medals, Stamps, Tokens & More! | Collector’s Choice Auction – Session 1/2 | LIVE Online 7:00pm EST. – Page 1 of 11 – Auction Network – Online Auctions

1953 CANADA Silver Dollar NSF-FWL
Royal Canadian Mint .9999 Fine Gold 1oz Bar. Very Collectible.
RCM .9999 Fine Silver $20.00 Coin ‘Summertime’
Royal Canadian Mint .9999 Fine Gold 1oz Maple Round. Very Collectible.
1939 Canada Silver Dollar D.H. MS64
.9999 Fine Gold Britain 1oz Round. Collectible.
1958 Canada Silver Dollar
.9999 Fine Gold Australia 1oz Round. Collectible
Group of (20) Canada Nickels 1922-1949 Era
Lot (2) Loose Gemstones 7.1ct tw – Suitable For Earrings (3.5 and 3.6)
Canada’s Beaver – Hand Poured .999 Fine Silver 10oz Brick Bar. (Serial May Vary).
Group of (16) World Coins
1999 Canada Silver 5 Cents
1807 Great Britain 1/2 Penny Coin
1899 Canada Silver 5 Cents Toned
Collector Bullion Bar ‘The Sweat of the Sun’ 999 Fine pure Gold Bar Serialized with Art Card
Mason Jar – Full of Mixed 1 Cent Coins
Coin Starter Collection, 12 Coins, Stock Book with Silver
Group of (5) RCM : 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, UNC Coin Sets
1900 USA 10 Cents
Estate – Jar of Canada and USA 1 Cent Coins
Group of (15) Canada Coins
Lot (10) CANADA 1945 V Nickels
Original Mint Roll 2005 Nickels
1863F – 19/396 Wilson’s CIvil War Token
Lot (25) Canada 1963 1 Cent ‘BU’ Coins. CAT 7.00 each +
1961 Canada Silver Dollar
1965 Canada Silver 50 Cent
1963 Canada Silver 50 Cent
Lot (20) 1952 Canada 1 Cent Coins. MS60-MS62. (RB)
1966 Canada Silver Dollar
1963 Canada Silver 50c.
1967 Canada Silver 50 Cent
MM Designer Tennis Style Bracelet – Bezel Set Swarovski Elements
Group of (88) Canada 1 Cent Coins
Original Mint Roll 1945-2005 Nickels
Bag Lot – Great Britain Shillings
Original Mint Roll 1978 Nickels
1960 Canada Silver Dollar
ITALY Vintage – Telephone Token, Gettone telefonico
Lot (32) One Cent Coins
1957 CANADA Silver Dollar
Bank of CANADA UNCUT Sheet (2) x 1986 2.00 Cased
Canada 1966 Silver Year Set Cased, ASW 1.1oz
Group (10) Great BRITAIN One Penny Coins
Estate IVORY Bangle Bracelet
Group of (4) German/Austria Notgeld Notes
1959 Canada Silver Dollar
Estate Group (50) Brass Air Cadets, CAnada Buttons, Made by Smith and Wright Ltd.
1954 Canada Silver Dollar

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