Buy Gold In Uganda. We Sell Gold Bars & Ingots

Buy Gold in Uganda. We Sell Gold Bars & Ingots

Buy Gold In Uganda. We Sell Gold Bars & Ingots

The rate at which Uganda produces gold has been rising radically over the years. In case you have made up your mind to buy gold in Uganda, then we are the people to deal with. According to recent statistics, Uganda sources 30% of its revenue from gold trade. The recent discovery and commercial exploration of gold in North-Eastern Uganda has added another milestone in the production dimension. In the past, gold mining was only concentrated in Central, Southern, Western and some parts of Eastern Uganda. In most cases, the mining methods were rudimentary and artisanal. However, the recent influx of multinational corporations has impacted on the growth of the industry.

This means that anyone can buy gold in Uganda in any quantity

If we are to go back to the past, we can say that gold exploration in the country first began in the 1920s. The locals used rudimentary methods like panning. Later, there was a rise in artisanal methods and many of them were concentrated along the river basins of great lakes region of East Africa. Today, the trend has changed. More mining companies have come in. over 19 gold refining companies have already been licensed by the government. We buy gold from these gold mines and refineries. If you would like to buy gold in Uganda from the producers, we will be more than glad to connect you with the suppliers.

Buy gold in Uganda at the most affordable rates

Why is gold affordable in Uganda? Well, first and foremost, it is because of the abundance of the precious metal. Secondly, 75% of the gold mined from the Democratic Republic of Congo is sold in Kampala. We buy gold from cheap sources where sellers are often willing to negotiate the price of their gold. With the gold trading experiencing that we have accumulated over the years, you can now buy gold in Uganda seamlessly from us. Not only shall we sell the gold to you, but we shall also process all the required documents. Contact us now if you want to buy gold in Uganda.

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