Bullion News Review: March 15-21st 2021

Bullion News Review: March 15-21st 2021

This week we’re reading about the anticipation of metals heading higher, including silver to sky rocket. Scroll on to read more…

Silver is about to sky rocket

On a day where the metals reversed higher and the mining stocks surged after the Fed said they would keep interest rates low for a long time, investors need to buckle up because silver and silver stocks are about to skyrocket!

No doubt that metals are headed higher

For people that aren’t short-term (investors), that are long-term, there is no question that the metals are headed higher. There is absolutely no doubt for anybody who is not worried about the short-term manipulation and the games that are played and the smoke and mirrors and the lies from the government and everything else, the metals are headed, and we’re not talking about a little bit higher, but we are talking about numbers that are really going to be hard to comprehend by the time we get there if you try to talk about them today.

The golden era is about to commence

Today a Swiss firm released a remarkable report discussing gold and silver’s fictional “paper” price and much more.

We certainly live in interesting times. Be you bear or bull, left or right, optimist, cynic or pessimist, one would be hard pressed to pretend that anything is, well, normal.

Gold set to surge $460

After the Fed decision reversed the metals higher, look at who just said gold is set to surge $460.

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