Bullion News Review: Feb 1st - 7th, 2021

Bullion News Review: Feb 1st – 7th, 2021

As we hit mid-March, we’re hearing good things for gold and here we highlight a market update for silver and all the latest news. Scroll on to read more…

Gold attempting move to above $1,900 before or near March 20

Using the Adaptive Dynamic Learning (ADL) predictive modeling system, Silver Doctors suggests the $1720 support level of Gold will hold, prompting a new rally to levels above $2,200 within 30 to 60+ days.

The ADL system predicts an aggressive move in Gold near May or June 2021…

Backtesting silver’s price performance

Patrick backtested silver’s price performance in the past 60 years and shows how the bullish setup for silver now is forecasting 90 to 500% gains hereon.

Silver market update

Silver investors have been getting increasingly frustrated in recent months as silver has basically done little, while Bitcoin, blockchain and selected biotech and tech stocks have soared.

this does not mean that we have forgotten about it—rather we have been waiting for it to start entering a more dynamic phase..

The golden era is about to commence

The mainstream view of gold right now is an open yawn, and sentiment indicators for this precious metal are now at 3-year lows despite the gold highs of last August. Is this cause for genuine concern? Not at all.

Most investors are totally wrong about gold, and here I show rather than argue why they are missing the forest for the trees…

Inflation is headed higher along with gold

President Biden has now had his $1.9 trillion stimulus package passed into law, and it will not be the last in the current fiscal year. Covid is not over and is sure to resurge with new variants next winter.

But even assuming that is not the case, we still have to contend with the aftermath of the pre-covid conditions, whereby banks had run out of balance sheet capacity combined with trade tariffs predominantly aimed at China.

These conditions were a doppelganger for late-1929, and between 8 February and 20 March the S&P500 index faithfully tracked a similar course to that of October 1929.

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