Augusta Precious Metals Review: Why Augusta is a Top Gold IRA Company

Augusta Precious Metals Review: Why Augusta Is a Top Gold IRA Company

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Augusta Precious Metals is one of the most well-known companies for gold investment retirement accounts (IRAs). Their brand is associated with well-maintained physical gold and silver portfolios, providing retirees with care and satisfaction as they diversify their resources. The provider values trust and disclosure among its clients, which is why they have remained a top player in the IRA industry.

The Reputation of the Company

The Augusta Precious Metals brand has enjoyed goodwill and positive word-of-mouth among the retirement community. By showcasing an optimized process wherein users save up on costs and get better pricing. The company has also benefited from a stable endorsement from Joe Montana, a famous quarterback.

But besides anecdotes from satisfied customers and celebrities, the company is also recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC is one of the agencies in the United States directly dealing with financial matters, and they advise people looking into retiring to start building their portfolio. The company has a team of qualified professionals that work with their clients to maximize their resources in a gold IRA.

Opening Up a Gold IRA Through Augusta

There are three significant steps to opening an account with Augusta Precious Metals. Although opening up an IRA can be confusing for everyone, the company has representatives willing and able to assist anyone who wants to start an account. For instance, an account holder has to ensure that they secure the right amount of metals for their account. The IRS has an approved selection for these types of accounts, particularly when it comes to weight and value.

The first step is to open a self-directed investment retirement account. The top picks of Augusta for these include Equity Trust and Kingdom Trust. Both are reputable institutions that have strong reviews from their clients. Once done, an individual can put funds into the account through a rollover or a bank transfer.

The last step is to buy the precious metals for the account. These are kept in a tightly guarded facility, free of any threats such as theft and laundering. Augusta has options for gold, ranging from bullion to bars. Silver is also available, and both are in various weights. In addition, collectors may also purchase limited edition commemorative items such as unique coins.

Deals and Offers

Buying precious metals is an enormous investment. The company recognizes this, which is why they provide their clients with the option for a seven-day price guarantee. The rates are solidified once orders are confirmed through phone calls. As for the prices of huge orders like bullion, Augusta awaits payment before providing the final price. In addition, discounts are given for eligible bulk orders.

Besides these, Augusta also offers a silver bonus amounting to $2,000 to qualifying investors. Anybody who orders is also allowed to cancel their orders within one week. All purchases made after this period are considered final once placed.

The Services and Costs

Augusta ensures that all gold IRA accounts are given utmost care and security. For instance, their facilities are strategically placed throughout the USA and Canada. These facilities are mandated to house the metals as soon as they arrive. This process usually takes one week, although logistic concerns can bring the waiting time up to ten days. Nonetheless, all metals will be accessible only to the account holder.

In addition, they provide information to their clients regarding prices. The representatives assist account holders regarding pricing, as these numbers can fluctuate. However, all interested buyers must have investments amounting to a minimum of $5,000 before they can begin purchasing metals. No limit is placed with regards to the number of assets.

The initial cost of setting up a gold IRA is only $50, although annual fees are amounting to $180. The prices are related to custodian maintenance and storage. Transactions made through a credit card are allowed but must only amount to $5,000. Checks and wire transfers are also accepted modes of payment.

The Public Perception on Augusta

This Augusta Precious Metals Review has talked about the perks and advantages of using their service. But besides these benefits, the company also has a reliable rating on several reputable websites. In addition, they are rated A+ by the BBB or Better Business Bureau, an organization keeping track of companies.

The aggregator TrustLink displays a perfect five-star rating based on customer reviews, while Facebook and Glassdoor have the company in the 4-star range. The latter website relies on employee testimonials, indicating a healthy company culture that carries over to their services.

The Verdict

There are a lot of reasons why Augusta Precious Metals is a top gold IRA company. For instance, they have a good track record, as evidenced by solid testimonials and reviews. The process of opening an account is easy, and representatives are willing to assist all clients. The selection of precious metals is sizable, and security is top-notch. For retirees, Augusta is one of the companies to trust when diversifying a portfolio.

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