A message from Max - New origins, bars and direction – Bullion Chocolate

A message from Max – New origins, bars and direction – Bullion Chocolate

The cornerstone for Bullion has always been our 3 bar range. 3 origins, all at 70%, the differentiating factor was simply the bean.

It was a decision I made from day one, almost using these 3 bars as a vehicle to introduce and educate people about bean-to-bar craft chocolate as a concept.

What I didn’t foresee when I started Bullion in 2016, is that we may lose access to those beans that make up our beloved 3 bar range.

Because of this, we’ve had to have a re-think. One that I feel may be for the better!

Shifting from that core range of working with the same 3 origins year on out, and turning it completely on it’s head. Pursuing “exploration” and bringing new found cacao regions, varietals and showcasing them within a rotating limited release range.

At any one time we will have 3 bars in, but there will only be 1000 bars of each origin. With an aim of showcasing incredible beans from across the globe. Once those bars have gone, we will then look to discover new origins and bring them to you.

We’ve taken this opportunity to also update our packaging to communicate this message clearly, using colour and an x marks the spot to distinguish between the bars.

With these new bars showing incredible flavour, and how diverse cacao can be. We also wanted to bring something to the table that would be more accessible in terms of taste. A chocolate that could not only sit well as a dark bar, but also fit the profile for an indulgent milk.

This brings us to a brand new “Hallmark” line. Available in both a 70% dark and 44% milk. Perfect for anyone wanting to enter the craft chocolate world, and opting for the limited release line when they feel more adventurous.

To say this re-think was smooth sailing would be an understatement. When we realised access to our usual cacao was under jeopardy over a year ago, we’ve been constantly thinking about this pivotal point and the best route for us as a business moving forward. We’re over the moon to finally be in a to make this transition now, and to be able to share it with you.

We hope our care, thought and passion is reflected in this new direction – exploring the wonderful world of cacao.

The full new range is available now, with images of these bars being teased throughout the week. View our full range here.

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