6 Social Occasions That Call for Wearing Gold Jewelry - A Little CrunchyA Little Crunchy

6 Social Occasions That Call for Wearing Gold Jewelry – A Little CrunchyA Little Crunchy

For centuries, gold has been treasured for its radiance and natural beauty. It is no surprise that many cultures view gold as a divine creation and beautiful addition to many different occasions. While there is nothing wrong with wearing gold any time, there are some specific occasions that simply would not be the same without gold jewelry. 

Occasions Perfect for Gold Jewelry

There are certain occasions that are made better by wearing gold jewelry. In fact, it has become a tradition in many cultures to wear gold during certain events. With this, if you want new gold earrings, no one is faulting you! In fact, there are millions of people who feel the same. 

One event in which it has become customary to wear gold is at a wedding. More specifically, it is a perfect addition for brides. There are numerous color combinations for the attire of brides, but it is without a doubt that gold will complete the bridal look and give it a luxurious feel and look. Blending gold jewelry into the bride’s attire actually serves as both a cultural and spiritual addition in many areas of the world. Not only is gold visually appealing, but it also attracts attention and is viewed as a traditional part of Indian bridal wear. 

In addition to the bride, wedding guests can also add a special flare to their outfits by intertwining a piece of gold jewelry or two! Classic pieces such as necklaces and earrings are often chosen as a way to celebrate a friend or family member’s wedding. In addition, many wedding guests opt for wearing a treasured family heirloom to create visual magic!

In India, there are so many festivals that it would be a shame to miss out on these opportunities to wear gold. Wearing gold costume jewelry has been coined, in India, as a way to add to the celebrations. Pieces such as gold earrings, bangles, necklaces, rings, anklets, and kangans are often worn at Indian festivals like Deepawali, Pongal, Raksha Bandhan, Karwa Chauth, and more as a way of marking the special occasion. It is now considered a tradition to wear gold jewelry along with traditional costumes. 

Gold has a special meaning in many cultures including India. It is often a symbol of prosperity and believed to bring good fortune and wealth. This is why it is no surprise that this region encourages you to choose gold jewelry for festivals and celebrations!

While gold is a beautiful way to add to celebratory outfits, it does not have to stop there. Adding a gold statement piece or even a subtle one can help you bring your own style to work. There are so many ways to mix and match gold jewelry with various themes and styles. It is important to note that there are thin, subtle pieces of gold jewelry, that can add a modern and beautiful touch to any outfit, as well as chunky and classic pieces. 

Expressing oneself with gold jewelry at family events and get-togethers is not uncommon either! More times than not, family events are an opportunity to pretend you are walking the runway. Expressing your own personal style can be simple by opting for gold ornaments and accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bangles, nose rings, anklets, and more to add a special touch to your apparel. There are so many ways to design an outfit and include gold, so play around with simple and contemporary pieces as well as the traditional and chunkier ones. 

Lastly, gold jewelry is a perfect addition to religious celebrations. Allowing gold to shine in all of its glory at religious celebrations is quite complimentary. Whether the event is a yagna, a baby shower, or another religious or cultural celebration, gold can tie together your outfit and fit in perfectly with the traditional apparel and style of the celebration. 

The Benefits of Gold Jewelry

As a treasured luxury all around the world, it is no surprise that gold jewelry comes with a lengthy list of benefits. One way that gold jewelry is beneficial is it provides financial security. As a valuable material, gold never becomes disposable and it can be passed along for generations as a precious family heirloom. In times of need, gold can be used to make a little extra money. 

Since gold is a hypoallergenic material, it is a risk-free and beautiful option for those with sensitive skin! There is even researching supporting the fact that gold can influence oxygen to flow throughout the bloodstream and promote optimal oxygen distribution to the cells! Believe it or not, gold can even regulate your body temperature by promoting healthy blood flow. 

Many cultures have even found gold to be an anti-inflammatory agent and use it to treat bruises and accelerate the healing process of many wounds and injuries. 

It is outstanding to think that gold can have such an impact on health. In fact, gold can provide relief for anxiety as it often soothes the symptoms with its temperature regulation and blood circulation promotion. Is there anything gold can’t do?

The History of Gold

Since gold is such an important part of many cultures, it is hard to ignore its pressing history. It has always been valued for its rarity and simplistic beauty. In fact, gold jewelry dates back as far as history has been recorded. History labels gold as one of the most prized possessions in Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures as far back as history reads. It’s been viewed as a sign of royalty throughout many years and even used as a form of currency in many countries before it was jewelry. There is so much that gold can offer physically, mentally, and even culturally, so it is undoubtedly a treasured part of history and still thriving today. 

Time to Add More Gold to Your Wardrobe

Jewelry has a way of completing any outfit for nearly any occasion. As stated before, gold can spice up an outfit for any regular day, but it also makes for a beautiful addition to many treasured and memorable events! Not only does gold come with many benefits, but its outstanding history and significant meaning to many cultures also make it all the more beautiful.

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