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Our gold jewelry trends collaboration with May Is Gold Month is back after taking last year off — and I know this past year had so many highs and lows, not having weekly gold jewelry trends during May felt like something was missing. Last year also put into perspective so many things; ordinary things had become worth more than gold — things we took for granted, like interacting with people and hugging. Our loved ones and their health also became more precious than any metal or diamonds.

Through all of this, our karat gold collections saw a shift in priorities as well. My collection has become more meaningful and sentimental with the pieces I’m purchasing. I’m focusing more on certain themes or motifs that bring me joy. A piece of karat gold jewelry to commemorate a special milestone or anniversary is mostly what I crave. I’ve also been buying from designers or small businesses who I want to support and who I feel deserve my hard-earned money. I’m so excited to talk about all things gold every week and get everyone to participate in showing me their gold like years in the past, focusing on pieces that bring us happiness and how they are connected to us.

As with many of you, a common thread we all experienced during a year in quarantine is a newfound appreciation for things that have longevity and are an investment. Karat gold jewelry had a surge in interest and popularity. So I’m looking forward to seeing what is new for you and what karat gold pieces you’ve been gravitating towards.

With each week during May Is Gold Month, I’ll showcase and discuss the weekly trend by sharing what it is and give a few pointers on how you can style pieces within each trend category. May Is Gold Month will also provide some “gold deals” on pieces of gold jewelry from each trend category from retailers they’ve partnered with from the jewelry industry. So be sure you’re following along with May is Gold Month on their social media platforms. And we might even have a fun giveaway in store!

Without further ado, here are this year’s gold jewelry trends from May is Gold Month and ways I’ve styled each one. Let this help you plan your posts over on Instagram and don’t forget to use the hashtag #ShowMeYourGold when sharing.

Week One: Gold Bracelets

Last MIGM I hinted at revealing a very special gold bracelet that I thought would complete my bracelet stack — the bracelet that I was talking about was my push present, an 18k gold panther bracelet from David Webb. It is now one of my most treasured pieces and has definitely gotten me hooked on bracelets. With that said, my most recent splurge is this majorly chunky mariner link that I got from Joden. I love the mariner link, but wanted something that was BIG. I’ve worn this piece completely alone, on top of a black, long sleeve sweater and that has been my favorite way of wearing it so far! How would you wear this piece?

Week Two: Gold Rings

This past year has reconfigured my ring standards drastically. Who would’ve thought I would prioritize a ring’s comfort & how well it would hold up through handwashing as my main concerns?! This has led me to wear more all-gold pieces without gemstones, as hand soap and sanitizer can sometimes be rough on gems and build-up underneath stones overtime. I’ve been pulling out my bold bands that make a statement when worn solo. I love ones that sit low and snug on the finger and have a unique pattern, especially geometric ones. What are your favorite gold ring styles?

Week Three: Gold Hoops

How many Zoom calls have you been on this past year where you were wearing pajamas, may or may not have showered in awhile, but your hoop earrings were on point?! I think that 2020 was the Year of the Hoop, and there’s no end in sight for that statement. Karat gold hoops are that perfect staple everyone needs in their jewelry wardrobe. I’ve admittedly been going overboard with new hoops lately — I love all the possibilities of styles a circular earring can be. Here’s some of my favorites. Do you have a pair of gold hoop earrings you love? I wanna see!

Week Four: Gold Necklaces

The right karat gold necklace or chain can transform your look and your collection! A true testimony to that statement is this long vintage figaro/fancy link chain. I had intentions of selling this chain and even posted it on my shop page, but then I was playing around with my gold Fox & Bond minis (at that point I had been collecting them every year to commemorate a wedding anniversary, but hadn’t found the perfect way to wear them yet). They fit perfectly on the chain even with how wide it is and I really love how different it made my mini ring collection look vs being on a thin chain. The 24″ length was also a key length I never realized was so perfect until this chain!  I recommend exploring new karat gold chain styles and lengths to see what you can add to your everyday favorites.

Week Five: Gold Earrings

With summer around the corner, I’m leaning toward wearing more karat gold earrings. Looking at my entire earring collection has me inspired to create some outfit looks. Does this happen to you too?! I think earrings make me the most fashion-inspired out of all the jewelry categories. A summer dress screams bold gold earrings. A swimsuit is begging for retro door-knocker earrings. Shorts and a t-shirt need some fun gold studs. I’m here for these earring/fashion combos — what are yours?

Week Six: Gold Men’s Jewelry

I love profiling my husband’s karat gold jewelry collection for this feature, and with every year it would typically grow so much. This year however was quite the opposite. He has thoroughly curated the jewelry he owns and has really honed in on what pieces he wears the most. Some of his favorite gold rings are pictured here and when I asked him why he kept these he said, “these ones have meaning behind them and I like that.” The signet with “Gino” engraved on it has been really special and the onyx and gold one I gave to him at the hospital when Gino was born. Inside it is engraved “Gino’s dad.”

This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with May Is Gold Month.

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