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2021 1 oz Silver Mythical Forest Chestnut Leaf Coin

2021 1 oz Silver Chestnut Leaf Coin is the second edition of Germania Mint’s Mythical Forest series. The chestnut leaf and fruits imprinted on the obverse of the coin bears mythological significance. The chestnut fruits signify chastity and it is said that chestnut increases fertility. Chestnut wood is also known to bring success and love. Germania Mint has minted chestnut to its coins, so it brings joy and good luck to the life of its investors. 

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2021 1 oz Silver Mythical Forest Chestnut Leaf Coin bears mythological significance and is introduced as the second coin of the Mythical Forest series by Germania Mint. All the coins are certificated and has a limited worldwide mintage.

Key Features:

– 2021 1 oz Silver Mythical Forest Chestnut Leaf Coin Mint contains 0.9999 fine silver.

– The coins have a limited worldwide mintage of 500.

– The coins comes in special capsule Blisterpack packaging with certificate of authenticity.


-Obverse: Chestnut leaf and fruit with weight and purity of the coin. Chestnut is a very popular tree planted in Europe by Roman armies. This tree has mythological significance, along with medicinal properties.

-Reverse: Bicephalous Eagle with name of the mint, year and denomination. The Bicephalous Eagle in Roman mythology is associated with Janus, the god of all origins. The two heads facing opposite directions symbolizes the past and the future. The lightning held by the eagle defines strength and power of creation and destruction.

As 2021 1 oz Silver Mythical Forest Chestnut Leaf Coin has a limited mintage, add this to your cart before it’s sold out!

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