10 oz Engelhard Platinum Bars (Secondary Market) l JM Bullion™

10 Oz Engelhard Platinum Bars (Secondary Market) L JM Bullion™

One of the most common forms of platinum available to precious metals investors is the platinum bar. Offered by a wide range of mints, one of the first companies to offer platinum bars in the North American market was Engelhard. With more than 100 years of experience smelting and refining platinum, as well as gold and silver, Engelhard is a well-known brand in the industry even though it is no longer in business. Today, 10 oz Platinum Engelhard Bars from the Secondary Market are available to you online at Silver.com.

Bar Highlights:

Platinum has become an increasingly popular precious metal with investors in the 21st century. Changes in the value of platinum are a result of the demand for the product in the industrial sector more than other sectors. The low global supply of platinum is another driving factor in the changing values of platinum each year.

All of these 10 oz Platinum Engelhard Bars come packaged individually. Those bars that are in-stock will ship inside of protective plastic sleeves. All of the bars listed here are Secondary Market items, meaning the exact designs and conditions are unknown at the time of purchase.

Secondary Market is a term referring to bars that were originally purchased brand-new from the mint by a previous buyer. The bars have since been sold back to an authorized dealer. While it is possible for the bars to still be in like-new condition, the exact condition cannot be guaranteed in advance. Please keep in mind that buying more than one can result in receiving bars with the same designs, conditions, and packaging.

On the obverse of 10 oz Platinum Engelhard Bars is a depiction of one of two possible Engelhard designs. Some platinum bars could have the “E” logo of Engelhard, while others may have a more ornate design element featuring an American bald eagle in flight with the American flag and an olive branch.

The reverse side of Platinum Engelhard Bars comes with a simple, repeating pattern. This repeating pattern depicts the full name of Engelhard with the word set an angle across the face of the bar.

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